Portrait in profile of me, Björn Larsson, smiling outside during a light, overcast day.
Image shot at Båven, Flen by Erik Cederberg.

There are a lot of hobby photographers out there. And yet, here you are! So let me give you a cliché egocentric text about myself, as it is a social convention to have a page on which to ramble on about oneself. Instead of enumerating my history, I leave that to the story part of this website, I’d like to let you to know that my inspiration in photography comes mainly from scout events and other happenings involving networking between people. Still life photos are great for setting a mood when telling a story, or as background on a screen of some sort, but when it comes down to a photo album, it’s the people in it that draws the attention.

Scout events are great for someone with the aforementioned view on photography. There are loads of people, often engaged in some thrilling activity, and more often than not, smiling. Although not a requirement for a good picture, we photographers tend to like people who smiles when we shove a kilogram of glass, steel and plastic that is a camera up their faces! Incidently, that is also the reason why I’ve aquired a tele lens. 😏

Wide lens selfie of myself, Björn Larsson, with sailboats moored in the background at Lökholmen, Sandhamn during Sjökort 2021, a squadron sailing with Träkvista Sjöscoutkår.
Image shot at Lökholmen, Sandhamn by myself.

The second aspect that makes scout events the ultimate photo excursion is the often included part of travelling and change of environment. One leaves one’s regular and well known everyday life, and goes somewhere new. That brings inspiration to photographer and motif alike! It does help that it often provides an exciting background for the images as well…

So what about post-editing? That’s an area with a lot of grey zones and opinions of what is acceptable or not. There are photographers who view involvement of any Adobe product whatsoever as a blasphemy. On the other end of the scale are… image-button-pushers (in lack of a profane word), who consider it fair game to paste entire animals from Internet into their pictures. 🤨 As famous Youtuber once said

Everyone puts the bar slightly below themselves.

Tom Scott

My opinion is that some editing is OK as long as the soul of the image is intact. I could remove an element such as an annoying twig, change the lightning to a better one, convert to black-and-white, or do any other alteration as long as the image is still an honest representation. That last thing is the prominent point.

By that I hope You’ve got an insightful idea of who I am as a photographer.
Let the photo browsing commence! 😀